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Vegan wedding – part 1

17 Jul

Hey folks, it’s been a while since I posted. I’m still here, just haven’t had much to write about recently! I’ve got sort of a selfish post this time, not entirely about vegan stuff, so please indulge me! Or not, and just ignore this entry 😉

I got married this month and have had a lot of fun planning an all-vegan wedding. Almost all of it had to be DIY because we had a pretty small budget but that made it such a cool experience! A friend commented that it felt like a real community wedding because everyone pitched in, which was great! It wasn’t just about the bride and groom…we were able to bring our families and friends together, too.

I don’t have all the glorious food pictures yet, but I’ll post a few of what I’ve got now and deal with food pr0n in a second post.

We had the ceremony and reception at a local park in the redwoods. Our awesome friend/Mr. Chickpea’s groomsman took the pictures for us and enlisted some guests to take pics during the actual ceremony.

We opted for a short & sweet ceremony. My maid of honor read an excerpt by John Muir, which really set the mood for a wedding in the middle of nature. Mr. CP’s best man read from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Guide to the Galaxy for a bit of comic relief. They were both amazing!


We had our good friend & mentor officiate. It was wonderful to have only friends and family up at the front with us (and helped to quell my social anxiety!). Here’s a good one of everybody under the trees –


And a few of the wedding party afterwards –




Our flowers were a team effort, and I think they came out great! My mom, bridesmaids, and I picked the lavender at a nearby farm and we scavenged rosemary and eucalyptus from around my neighborhood. The night before the wedding my bridesmaids and the wife of one of the groomsmen spent HOURS cleaning, cutting, and wrapping everything into the most beautiful arrangements. I’m eternally grateful to them! They did a way more than I had planned, which was basically to wrap stuff with twine or throw it into a glass jar.



lavender on the table

That last pic I stole from Amey, who also got this amazing one of a bee who discovered our centerpieces. I love it!

lavenders & bee

And here is a preview from the part 2 — wedding food…

such a beautiful dinner!