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Sweet & sour soy curls

26 Nov

My first time cooking with soy curls! I’m amazed at how yummy they are. My omni parents are visiting for the Thanksgiving and they also gave them the thumbs up. I can’t wait try out some more recipes!


I used the soy curl recipe from Chez Bettay and I threw in some stir fried carrots, onions, steamed broccoli, green onion, snow peas and sesame seeds. Served over perfect brown rice.


Walk for Farm Animals and veg tourism

6 Nov

A while ago I posted about a vegan bake sale I participated in to raise funds for the SF Walk for Farm Animals, which benefits Farm Sanctuary. Our team raised $792 and some of that is going to be matched by one teammate’s company, so I think we did pretty well! If you want to make a donation to Farm Sanctuary, you can use this link to do so until Nov 12! Today was actual walk, which was held in Golden Gate Park. We were blessed with great weather!

After the walk was over, we engaged in a little veg tourism in Berkeley. We grabbed some lunch at Cha-Ya, an all-vegan Japanese restaurant. I ordered a sushi/inari lunch plate, miso soup, and gen-mai cha. It was pretty freakin’ delicious.




That last picture is the sukiyake that one of my vegan buddies ordered. It looked amazing.

After a tasty lunch, we checked out Berkeley Bowl. It’s got a reputation for having a beautiful and extensive produce section. I was impressed by the selection (lots of stuff I’d never seen before!) but I think Rainbow Grocery is still my favorite SF market.