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MoFo #7: Vegan meetup & potluck

7 Oct

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I love vegan meetups! It’s so awesome to go to a party and be able to eat *all* the food and talk shop without fear of omni scrutiny. I met a great group of ladies at a women’s veg group that just got off the ground. Our first meeting was just a casual hangout over champagne and snacks. I had a great time, and lucky me, I got to take home some leftovers! I even remembered to take a photo before I scarfed it down!


There was tomato and basil bruschetta, a super fresh and delicious quinoa-black bean salad, pumpkin bolani from this great local company that sells at our farmers’ markets, and my own contribution, a spinach-artichoke dip on whole wheat no-knead bread. There was also a yummy cilantro pesto that I forgot to grab for my doggie bag but I’m definitely going to pick some up the next time I’m at Whole Foods.

Hooray for meetups and hooray for girls who veg!