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My new fav breakfast: avocado toast

5 Sep

I looooove avocado, as in I eat them almost every single day.  I feel like I pretty much have to…I grew up next to the “Avocado Capital of the World” so avocado culture was a big part of my life!  My dad even had his own little avocado grove in my childhood home; when my parents moved to Washington state a few years ago he was so sad to leave them behind. After tending them for so many years (they’re very finicky trees!) they’d become a part of the family.  Now I have my own fledgling forest that I’ve started from the pits of my daily avo and a few have grown big enough that they’re ready to be grafted. I’m so excited!

With that in mind, I’m pretty surprised I’d never heard of avocado toast until I saw a recipe for it in Chloe’s KitchenThen I started seeing people talking about it everywhere! While I don’t really think avocado toast warrants its own recipe in a cookbook, I’ve fallen in love with the stuff and have been playing around with variations.


My favorite way to eat avocado toast is mashed up on Dave’s Killer Bread (best bread evar!) with salt and freshly ground pepper and a drizzle of carrot habanero hot sauce from Tart and Sweet. It’s crunchy, creamy, rich, and spicy — so many flavors going on for such an easy breakfast! On weekends I like to sit out on my balcony with Rhodie and enjoy it with some iced chamomile tea. Oh avocado and toast, you are my favorites.