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Ethiopian food!

18 Sep

This weekend we had a PPK meet-up at Zeni Ethiopian Restaurant in San Jose.  I’ve been there before but this time was even better!  We ordered the vegetarian combo which included (clockwise, from top) a carrot, cabbage and vegetable stew, a red lentil stew, a scrambled injera & red pepper dish, a yellow split pea stew, simmered collard greens, and a green salad all served on top of a big piece of injera bread.


BF and I shared a serving of lentil stew and split pea stew since those were our favorites last time. The whole table shared a big basket of injera, which I have grown to love. Super yums!


We also tried Ethiopian beer and red wine and it was all quite good! They also offer a coffee service for $25 that you have to order before your meal starts. I’m very curious what that entails.