Vegan eats at Stanford

I’ve been at Stanford 5 years and have eaten many meals on and around campus. Stay tuned as I work on a list of veg options! Pics to follow!


Axe and Palm
They have a veggie burger and sweet potato fries. I haven’t been there yet!

Beckmann Bistro
Burrito bar. Meh burritos…not amazing but they stay open into late afternoon. Make sure you watch as they make the burritos–sometimes they think vegetarian = chicken!

Bytes Cafe
Salads are huge!!! Vegan if you get them w/o cheese. You can add plain tofu for $1. Chopped Latin salad is the best! Second best is Asian cabbage salad. Sometimes soup of the day is vegan but make sure to ask about chicken stock or cream in the seemingly veg soups! They have soy milk for coffee.
Forgive me! I half ate my salad before I remembered to take a pic of it!

Over by the quad. Soup,salad, pastries, coffee. I haven’t been because it seems boring compared to other spots but it’s probably pretty ok.

Cool Cafe
Over by the art museum. All organic and pretty expensive for an order at the counter place. They have 3 potentially vegan salads if you specify no cheese. There’s a veggie burger that i think has eggs, and a veggie sandwich thats vegan if you hold the cream cheese. Ugh, adding cream cheese spread to sandwiches is such a cheater way to add flavor! Also soy milk for coffee.

Coupa Cafe
vegan sandwich is good — sautéed squash, onions, mushrooms on ciabatta and comes with a side salad. They also have vegetarian arepas that I haven’t figured out if they contain eggs or not. Almond and soy milk for coffee.

Vegan soy froyo with lots of healthy toppings. The shaved chocolate is vegan!

Ike’s Place
Tons of vegan sandwiches. Daiya & tofurkey slices. Wheat bread has honey. Vegan orders come with a blow pop for dessert instead of caramel apple pop. There’s a rumor that the vegan chicken isn’t really vegan (contains eggs)? I haven’t confirmed this for myself yet. My usual is the vegan chelsea!

Jamba Juice

Med Cafe
Veggie teriyaki bowl. Brown rice costs extra. Get there early–they always run out of veggies!

Nexus cafe
Cafeteria style. They have a fancy pants salad bar with unusual items — marinated mushrooms, steamed asparagus, steamed green beans, edamame, tofu, Brussels sprouts, shaved almonds, etc. Also one veggie soup per day but half the time they contain cream. Veg burrito with tofu and roasted veggies, vegan if you say no cheese/sour cream. Rotating veggie stir fry or noodle bowls but they’re often greasy and bland–not worth it! Always a different homemade veg burger patty but sometimes they contain egg, so ask! They cook the veggie burgers in their own pan away from meat. Always a vegetarian pasta option but frequently contains dairy. They have a “macrobiotic plate” that has lots of different types of cooked veggies and grains to choose from. Sometimes they serve Indian curries. Lunch ends at 2 but you can still get soups, pre-packaged salads/sandwiches (not vegan), bottled drinks and snacks late into the afternoon. My only complaint is that the burrito bar regularly runs out if veggies by 1 pm. Seriously, what’s up, Stanford? The People have spoken and they want their vegetables!!!

Mediterranean. I haven’t been here yet. They have a hummus plate. It just sounds boring to me and there are better options on campus.

They have two locations, one by the quad and one at the Clark center (close to hospital). The fat free apricot blackberry scone at the Clark center location is vegan! They used to label it fat free vegan scone and it didn’t sell…then they got rid of the word vegan and they sell out almost every day. Rude!! Pumpkin syrup is vegan, unlike Sbux.

Sandwich place
I think it’s part of Beckmann Bistro but it’s upstairs in the same bldg. Veggie meatball sub, veggie sandwich, falafel sandwich. The sandwiches are huge and they charge extra for cheese. Ha!

Stanford hospital
Cafeteria style. Salad bar, at least one veg soup per day (not always vegan), veggie burger & fries, pre-made PB&J, granola bars and other snacks. They used to sell tofu salad sandwich. I hope it comes back some day! Now there’s a veg sandwich but one side of the bread is covered in a massive layer of cream cheese. They have stone cut oatmeal in the morning for cheap! There’s also a Starbucks. Update 3/26/21 — there’s a vegan pre-packaged “Asian” salad sold in the cold case and at the Starbucks counter.

Stanford bookstore cafe
50 cent coffee! And that’s about it.

There are three on campus, one by the quad, one at the hospital, and one in the Li Ka Shing bldg (by the med school) . The one in the Li Ka Shing building serves hot lunch items that are frequently vegan and gluten-free. They also have a cold case and have recently added loads of vegan wraps & breakfast burritos!

Subway — by the quad/Union center.  They are independently operated so they don’t accept gift cards 😦

Thai Cafe
Rotating menu depending on day of the week. I think this place is overrated, but people like it because it’s cheap. Veg options: “plain salad” that is pretty much spaghetti noodles over iceberg lettuce with a sweet spicy sauce and crushed peanuts on top; veg curry: coconut milk base, over-cooked veggies, white rice. Cash only.

Really good vegan burritos. Specify no cheese/sour cream. Beer on tap! Veggie stir fry bowls.


Calafia Cafe
I saw Steve jobs here! They have lots of vegan options and a tofu scramble for breakfast!

California Cafe
They will prepare a vegan meal if you ask! I think I got a pasta dish there. This is a pricey sit-down restaurant.

California Pizza Kitchen
At the Stanford mall.

Stanford Mall on the El Camino side. This is one of the only locations to serve the tofu sofritos! There’s another location (no tofu option) going south on El Camino towards Mountain View.

Soy froyo. Blue bottle coffe with almond milk. They also serve steel cut oats with lots of toppings but I haven’t tried it yet.

Fresh Choice
At Stanford mall. It’s like Souplantation but more vegan-friendly. And they label what is vegan vs. what is vegetarian!! And they frequently have hummus at their salad bar!

Garden Fresh
Vegetarian Chinese. Lots of veggie meats.

Gelato Classico
Next to Paxtis in downtown PA. They have 2-3 sorbets, usually raspberry, mango, and lemon

A chain coffee house. There are lots of veg options and most items that contain meat can be subbed out for tofu. They also have a tofu scramble!

Loving Hut
All vegan! My favorites are the raw fettuccine, the avocado BLT, and the curry. They have vegan Thai tea and pearls!

Downtown, cool modern feel. Several vegan options. They use a lot of Gardein. Stir fry, burger, salads. It’s good but seems expensive for what you get.
Veggie burger with side salad

Baked sweet potato fries

Oren’s Hummus Shop
Hummus, falafel. You can order lots of vegan side dishes (they note which ones are vegan). The hummus is amazing! White and whole wheat pita bread. Open late!

Really good vegan deep dish (they use Daiya). There’s always a long wait on weekends. Sometimes they will mess up a vegan order so make sure to double check that they use the vegan cheese!

A drip coffee place. Always ridiculously crowded but they have lots of good coffees. I like the Soooo Good blend. The iced mojito coffee is also tasty. They have plain and vanilla soy milk and they don’t charge extra for soy! Also vegan donuts and vegan cookies. I think the vegan donuts are a bit dry and the cookies are ok but not amazing, but hey, options!! Also they use the “order ahead” app so you can order/pay online and they send a text when your order’s ready.

At the town and country shopping center. They have vegan chocolate chip cookies. Nom.

Build your own salad place. Lots of veggie options. The pan-seared tofu is really good!

Fancy Mexican restaurant. They have a good vegan chile relleno.

Over by Stanford mall. Vegan red velvet cupcakes! Pretty greasy IMO but great to at least have the option. They use coconut oil in the frosting.

Sprinkles cupcake and Chipotle burrito

Another build your own salad place. They also have vegan soup! I love the quinoa dal soup. Butternut is also yummy. They have good veggie spring rolls. The dressing for the Thai salad has fish sauce, so beware!

Subway, downtown

Downtown, Vietnamese, fancy restaurant. Several good looking veg options but I heard it wasn’t anything particularly amazing. Still want to check it out though!

Over by California cafe. Salad, sandwiches, coffee. They have a good vegan salad that has watermelon, shaved fennel, capers. It’s unusual but tasty! Soy milk available for coffee.

Trader Joes
At town and country shipping center

Whole Foods, downtown
Pretty good salad bar. Limited vegan hot food options. Vegan cupcakes in the bakery but they’re pretty dense and blah. Also raw chocolate and raw mango-quinoa mousse from an Oakland based company in the refrigerated to-go section that is amazing.  Update March 2013: they sell Kite Hill vegan nut based cheeses in the cheese section!


6 Responses to “Vegan eats at Stanford”

  1. Jessica September 30, 2014 at 8:52 pm #

    Thanks so much – this is really valuable! As someone who is frequently on the Stanford campus and eating in its environs, I am grateful for your years of research. Would you please reply to me if you know of any vegetarian Stanford groups/meet-ups? I am having trouble finding vegans in our community. Thanks! – Jessica jessicaEhope @ gmail . com

  2. Massimo Mannino September 10, 2015 at 5:21 pm #

    Hey! Are there any vegan/vegetarian student groups on campus?

  3. LOVE June 28, 2017 at 11:16 pm #

    Its just a touch off campus, but Cafe 220 is super vegan friendly and just out the north gates where Palm Dr. transitions to University Ave. I just described to them I didn’t want any meat or cheese, eggs, dairy, etc and he suggested the vegan items on the menu and the food was seriously amazing. And cheap for California.


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