Vegan pinto beans at Chipotle! :)

22 Sep

Apologies for my MoFo absence! I’ve been a bit sick and fell off the MoFo wagon. 

Yesterday I went out with Mr. HVC for lunch at Chipotle and saw a sign announcing “Beans for Everyone!” That’s right, bacon has left the building and their pinto beans are now 100% vegan. Woohoo! I celebrated by getting sofritas, with guac, and 50-50 black pinto beans. Damn tasty.


I’m in the SF Bay Area, so we’re lucky to get these goodies before the east coasters but I hope it makes it to everyone else really soon!


One Response to “Vegan pinto beans at Chipotle! :)”

  1. veganhomemade September 25, 2013 at 4:20 pm #

    That’s awesome! I like black beans just fine, but on burritos I really prefer pinto. And I can’t believe I haven’t tried the sofritas yet after hearing so much about them…

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