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Sausage, peppers, and onion sandwich

10 Sep

We got a ton of peppers in our CSA box last week so on Sunday Mr. HVC made this recipe (not vegan, from the food network) for sausage, pepper, and onion sammies. The only thing we changed about the recipe was the amount of oil (from 1/4 cup to 1 Tbs) because the veggie sausages can just warm up in the pan and don’t need to be fried.


I’d never tried the Tofurkey Italian sausages before and man, they were really good!  I like that they’re made mostly from tofu and vital wheat gluten, and the texture was also really nice. We’re not much in the habit of buying veggie meats (I think it’s because there weren’t a lot of good products around when I went vegan and they were also expensive/hard to find so I just learned to do without?), so I don’t know which products are good. I was super happy to find something quick and easy and meaty enough for Mr. HVC.


This was also a really quick, partner-friendly recipe — 10 min to prep veggies, 15 min to saute. Easy!