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A celebration!

7 Dec

I submitted a paper today and Mr. HVC surprised me with dinner and dessert to celebrate!

My new favorite vegan place is Veggie Grill in San Jose. It’s a burger, sandwich, and soup chain that’s all over Orange County and LA and has recently branched out into northern CA, OR, and WA. I actually went to college right across from the very first Veggie Grill and would go there with Mr. HVC when we were first dating to celebrate passing finals, taking the GRE, etc. so VG holds a very special place in my heart!

We started off with nachos, which were loaded with a yummy cheese sauce, sour cream, and lots of guac.

I got the baja fiesta salad with blackened tempeh and Mr. HVC got the buffalo chicken sandwich with a side of chili. My salad was pretty tasty but that sandwich was amazeballs. Definitely getting that next time! They also serve beer (Fat Tire & Mirror Pond), which is the perfect accompaniment for burgers and nachos!





When we got home Mr. HVC surprised me with vegan cupcakes from a bakery down the street from our place called Icing on the Cake.

Let me just say, these are hands down the best vegan cupcakes I’ve ever had from a bakery. Usually they’re super dense, dry, and oily (I’m looking at you Whole Foods!) but these were fluffy and light. We tried chocolate with chocolate frosting and BANANA CUPCAKES OMG WHARGARBLE! I’ve never had banana cake — it’s like a fluffy sweeter banana bread and is super decadent with a dollop of airy vanilla frosting on top. Sooo good and the absolute best way to celebrate!! Thanks, Mr. HVC!