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Vegan shaved ice at Honeyberry

9 Apr

So apparently not all shaved ice syrup is vegan? On a recent dessert run with Mr. HVC and friends, we ended up at Honeyberry, an Asian roti bun/ice cream shop that I directed us to because of their non-dairy options for me. Turns out only the berry and pomegranate syrups are vegan! Booooooo! I’ve had the green tea shaved ice in the past, not knowing there were milk products in it, and it was the bomb diggity. In any case, the vegan options are still delicious and you get a huuuuge bowl of shaved ice (“snow bowl”) piled high with fruit and mochi. When will “western” dessert shops catch up and start serving some dairy-free options?


PPK meetup: Veggie Grill

9 Apr

Man, I love this place. Some of the sandwiches are just ok, but what they do right they do really well!

Here are some of my PPK buds (including Amey and Carrie) at our recent meetup. I love these peeps!


And here’s some food porn 🙂

My dinner – the buffalo bomber sandwich with sweet potato fries

Mr. HVC’s plate – Santa Fe crispy chickin’ sandwich with mac & cheese (OMG!)

We also got chocolate mousse and carrot cake for dessert. I think the cake tasted a little like baking soda but the mousse was fantastic!!