MoFo #14: A very MoFo birthday

17 Oct

This past Saturday was my 26th birthday! The thing I love the most about birthdays is the food! On my family’s b-days it’s an opportunity for me to try out fancy shmancy dinner and cake recipes and on my own birthday it’s a time to go out to awesome restaurants and try store-bought vegan cakes.  I love it!

Well, this year I hurt my back exercising so we decided to stay in and cook at home. My boyfriend had just listened to a radio program the day before where they mentioned a roasted wild mushroom soup. We both thought that sounded interesting, so we spent a really nice day shopping for food and cooking together. The best birthday a girl could ask for!

We bought a mix of mushrooms, including chanterelle and shiitake.


The recipe calls for roasting the mushrooms instead of sauteeing, like I usually do. We chopped them up with some onions, garlic, rosemary, thyme, and  a little olive oil. In the recipe, it’s only supposed to take about 20 min to roast; we found that everything needed at least 45 min and we even spread all the veggies out into two dishes to aid in roasting.


We didn’t mind the wait though! We were snacking on crackers and Sheese, which is the closest thing to a dairy-based soft cheese dip that I’ve ever had. It’s pretty tasty!


Finally, everything was roasted!


We deglazed the pans with a little sherry, then added some stock and whizzed the whole mix through the food processor. I added a little soy milk powder to make everything a little creamier, and then we had soup! With some garlic bread on the side, of course!


(For the perfect garlic bread, I just buy any type of bread loaf, cut it in half, spread some olive oil over the pieces along with garlic granules, salt, and Italian herb blend. Stick em under the broiler for a few minutes until brown and that’s it! Perfect garlic bread!)

For dessert we had a tasty chocolate torte from Whole Foods. It was a bit denser than I like my cakes, but it had a tasty raspberry glaze that made up for it!



On Sunday I felt good enough to be active again, so we went kayaking in Monterey. We had planned to visit Malabar in Santa Cruz for my restaurant birthday dinner but I wasn’t feeling that fancy so we stopped for shakes and burgers at Saturn Cafe instead. The only thing I remembered to photograph was my shake, vanilla peanut butter. So. Good.


One Response to “MoFo #14: A very MoFo birthday”

  1. Carrie October 18, 2011 at 12:37 am #

    What a great birthday! So glad your back was feeling better and you were able to go kayaking!

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